2017 Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Days

On July 3rd – 7th I will be holding Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Field Days at Besant Campground, west of Caronport on Highway #1. All Saskatchewan landowners and Rural Municipality representatives are invited to come and take part in the collections.
Any beetles collected can be taken back to your property or RM for release, free of charge, with assistance in packaging the beetles for the trip to their new home.
We normally collect on hot days, in calm weather above 22 C, and a lot of 2500 – 3000 beetles will take about an hour of walking and sweeping with nets. We will have a few extra nets available for anyone to use, if they don’t bring their own.
If anyone can’t or doesn’t want to collect their own beetles, I usually bring along a few young people who will catch on your request, and for their effort, expect $50.00 for the collection of a population of about 2500 – 3000 beetles. Remember it is quite hot out there so I believe the cost for collecting is a bargain.
With the cancellation of the STC Bus express service, it has become more difficult for me to ship beetles to out-of-the-way locations, so would encourage all collected beetles be picked up at Besant Campground.
People planning to attend the field days should watch the weather and contact me prior to coming to Besant Campground.
Harvey Anderson
Email: harvey.anderson@gov.sk.ca
Phone: 306-933-7695