Lumsden Sports Centre – Request for Proposals

The Lumsden Sports Association (LSA) requests proposals for three scopes of work for the 2017/18 season, from September 1, 2017 to March 31, 2018. The scopes of work are as follows:
1. The general operation and maintenance of the Lumsden Sports Centre (LSC).
2. The coordination of LSC canteen operations.
3. The scheduling of ice times for the LSC including scheduling of ice times for all teams in the Lumsden Bethune Minor Hockey Association (LBMHA).

Proponents may submit a proposal for any or all of the scopes of work listed. Proposals shall separately stipulate the price for each scope of work. Below are general description of duties. Much more detail is available in the contract, which is available upon request.
1. Proposals for the general operation and maintenance work shall take the following into consideration:

    • The Rink Maintenance Contractor (RMC) shall operate and maintain the LSC curling and hockey rinks and associated areas for the duration of the term to a reasonable standard.
    • The RMC shall start up and operate the artificial ice plant including the installation of the ice in the rinks (with guidance provided by the LSA).
    • The RMC shall operate the LSC from 3pm – 12am from Monday to Friday and 6am – 12am Saturday and Sunday and whenever the LSC is open to the public or booked for use.
    • The RMC shall clean the entire LSC on a frequent basis.
    • The RMC shall work with minor hockey representatives to schedule ice time, collect fees and issue receipts for ice rental.
    • The RMC shall clean the hockey ice surface following every rental time slot and as necessary between periods for select games.

2. Proposals for the coordination of LSC canteen operations shall take the following into consideration:
• The LSC Canteen will be operated by volunteers consisting of LBMHA members, curling club members and recreational team members for the 2017/18 season.
    • The Canteen Coordinator (CT) shall ensure adequate and proper supplies are in stock to facilitate canteen operation. This includes, but is not limited to, food, condiments, snacks, drinks, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies and any other items necessary to keep the canteen in operation.
    • The CT shall establish the initial canteen schedule and coordinate any changes throughout the season.
    • The CT shall facilitate safe food handling training for canteen volunteers.

3. Proposals for the scheduling of ice times for the LSC shall take the following into consideration:
• The Scheduler shall maximize the utilization of the ice times available at the LSC.
    • Proponents are encouraged to propose incentives for maximizing the utilization of the LSC. Incentives proposed should factor in the compensation for the RMC.

Proponents are welcome to view the LSC to assist with the preparation of their proposals. Proposals shall be submitted to no later than 15:00 CST on April 28, 2017. LSA will review proposals following the submission deadline and negotiate with selected proponent(s) in an effort to enter into a contract by May 30, 2017. Draft contracts are available for review upon request.

In reviewing the proposals, the LSA will consider price, experience, references and any other relevant criteria to best meet the needs of the LSA. If there are any questions, please send an message to the email address above.