At the September 27, 2016 Regular Meeting, Council passed a new “Dog Control Bylaw” regarding the licensing, controlling, regulating and impounding dogs in the Town. This bylaw was passed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of people and pets within the municipality. If you are a dog owner, please take time to read and understand your responsibilities in accordance with the new bylaw.

A few highlights of the new Dog Bylaw: 

  • Every dog over the age of 3 months is required to have and WEAR a collar with a dog license
  • Licenses are $10 for an Annual License (calendar year) or $50 for a Lifetime License
  • Licenses are not transferable between dogs or owners
  • The number of dogs permitted per property is still a maximum of 2 (over the age of 3 months)
  • Dogs are not permitted to run at large
  • Infractions and Penalties have been updated, as follows:


Short Form Wording – Offence Penalty First Offense

Penalty Second & Subsequent Offenses

3(a) Fail to obtain license $120.00 $200.00
3(d) Fail to wear collar with license tag $80.00 $160.00
4(a) Running at Large $200.00 $300.00
4(b) Failure to clean up after animal $100.00 $200.00
4(c) Harbour more than two (2) dogs on the same property $200.00 $500.00
4(d)(i) Bite a person or another animal $500.00 $1,000.00
4(d)(ii) Act aggressively and cause physical injury $400.00 $800.00
4(d)(iii) Chase a person or another animal $100.00 $200.00
4(d)(iv) Cause damage to property $200.00 $300.00
4(d)(v) Cause a disturbance $200.00 $400.00
5(d) Obstructing a designated officer $600.00 $1,000.00

The Bylaw in its entirety can be found at under “D”

Questions can be directed to the municipal office at (306) 731-2404 or