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2017 Flood Season Information and Kits

The Water Security Agency (WSA) has released its Spring Runoff Potential forecast. In a March 9 news release, the WSA forecast near normal spring runoff for most of the province, except for southeastern Saskatchewan and areas west of Hudson Bay, where runoffs may be above Read on! →

2017 is a Revaluation Year. What Does That Mean?

The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) conducts revaluation of properties every four years; 2017 is one of those years.  SAMA updates assessed property values to reflect a new base.  This year, the new base is January 1, 2015. What does Read on! →

911 is for Emergencies only

911 is for emergency use/situations only. If you need to contact any RCMP Detachment in Saskatchewan after hours and your situation is not an emergency, you can call 310-5000. This is a non-emergency number. Other RCMP numbers in the Lumsden Read on! →

2017 Shelterbelt Program

Program Roll Out November 25, 2016 6% discount for November tree purchases and 5% discount for December tree purchases. 2017 Shelterbelt Program Detailed Information 2017 Shelter Belt Tree Order Form If you prefer to order direct online, please visit www.help-shelterbelts.com Read on! →

RM of Lumsden – Lowest Tax Gap in Province

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) has ranked the RM of Lumsden as sharing the lowest tax gap in the province; sharing this rank with 7 other RM’s at a gap of 1.43 The gap measures the ratio of Read on! →

National Energy Board Participant Fund

The National Energy Board’s (NEB) Participant Funding Program provides funding to facilitate the participation of the public in hearings with respect to new or abandonment projects for pipelines or power lines. While municipalities are not eligible to apply for participant funding, Read on! →

New App – Saskatchewan Emergency Alert

There is a new app available called “Saskatchewan Emergency Alert”, developed by the Government of Saskatchewan. The app connects to the SaskAlert system. Download it today (Apple or Android) for the most up to date information in the case of Read on! →