This list is not a complete list of policies adopted by the RM of Lumsden, but rather a collection of policies most requested and of interest.  Please contact the municipal office if you have any questions.

Policy Name Date Adopted by Council Description
 B Bare Land Property Tax Incentive Policy  Amended – August 22, 2019 A policy to support development of multiple lot residential, commercial or industrial serviced subdivisions by offering tax abatements for up to 5 years after development.
 C Children at Play – Signage Installation Policy   A policy to regulate Children at Play signs within the RM.
D Development Tax Incentive Policy  January 11, 2018 A policy to entice business and development by providing tax abatement’s for new commercial/industrial developments or improvements to existing developments.
F Financial Reserve Policy October 11, 2018 A Policy to provide for long term sustainable funding from own source revenue for the purchase of equipment & investments into infrastructure improvements and/or replacements with annual reserve contributions
H Haying in Municipal Right of Ways Policy October 13, 2016 Free salvage of hay policy for farmers & ranchers
I Inspection of Municipal Documents Policy June 14, 2012 Fee for the inspection of municipal documents
L Latecomer Road Servicing Policy  September 10, 2015  A policy for the re-reimbursement of front end road servicing costs, in part, to a developer who has been required to pay for road improvements to a proposed subdivision.
M Municipal Document Inspection Fees June 14, 2012 Fee policy set for requests to inspect municipal documents
Medical First Responders Grant Policy April 13, 2017 To assist First Responders with training and equipment purchases so that they are adequately prepared for emergency response
N Naming Municipal Roads Policy January 4, 1993 Road Naming Policy
P, Q
S Subdivision Restriction – 7 Bridges Road July 18, 2013 No further subdivisions on 7 Bridges Road
  Subdivision Restriction – Sod Farm Road March 19, 2015 No further subdivisions on Sod Farm Road
Snow Removal Policy April 2001 Snow Removal
T Tax Incentive Policy  June 29, 2017 Policy to help reduce the tax burden on developers of multi-lot subdivisions
Tax Enforcement Policy & Payment Plan Policy Feb. 23 & June 14, 2012 Tax Enforcement Policy and Tax Arrears Payment Plan Policy
U, V
X, Y, Z