Assessment Notice Letter

Town – Assessment Notice Letter

The Town of Lumsden has mailed out Assessment Notices for all property owners. In the past, Assessment Notices and Tax Notices were combined onto one form and mailed out in June. This year, and going forward, the Notices will be mailed separately. The Assessment Notice will be mailed early in the year and the Tax Notice will follow in early summer.

Please read the attached information carefully. This information was mailed out with the Assessment Notice (put link to notice letter here).

What is an Assessment Notice?
• It states the assessed value of a property’s land and improvements (buildings)
• Is NOT a property tax notice
• Must be appealed by March 23, 2020
• Payments to not need to be made at this time (although early payments do receive discounts!)

What do I do with an Assessment Notice?
• Review it for accuracy (assessed value should reflect market value)
• Determine if there was a change from the previous year (Net Taxable Assessment vs Last Year)
• You may wish to manually calculate your taxes (use the Notice Letter for instructions on how to do this)

• If you find an error in an assessment, the time to appeal it is now! Deadline to appeal is March 23, 2020
• File your notice to appeal at the municipal office (Notice to appeal is part of your Assessment Notice form)
• Cost to file an appeal is $50. If your appeal is successful, the $50 will be refunded
• The Assessment Roll is open. This means you may view assessed values for other properties. The Roll is available during office hours.

This is slightly different process for property owners. Rather than combining the Assessment and Tax Notices, they are now being mailed separately. If you would like to discuss any questions you may have, feel free to contact our office at 306-731-2404 or [email protected]