Road Closed – RGE Road 2203 (Tregarva Grid)

Tregarva Culvert Replacement Project has been delayed and will be completed in May 2022.

Thank you to everyone for your patience since this summer’s traffic interruption on the Tregarva Grid.  This is an update to inform on the status of the collapsed culvert replacement.  On August 27, 2021 the RM of Lumsden was issued an “Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit”.  This approval is necessary as the culvert failure is located ‘in a Tributary to Flying Creek’.  A replacement culvert has been ordered, it is 2800 mm in diameter (9.33 feet) and 33M in length.  The removal and replacement of the culvert is expected to exceed the thresholds of applicable Trade Agreements; therefore, the RM’s engineers have been instructed to prepare and advertise a tender document.  The document will specify that the project must be completed in 2021.  We will continue working as quickly as possible to re-open the Tregarva Grid and reiterate our appreciation of the patience exhibited by the affected parties.