Pense Grid #641 – 2021 Construction Project

Pense Grid #641 – 2021 Construction Project

A tender was awarded to Denny Forbes Construction Inc. to complete a clay capping project on the portion of Pense Grid that falls within the jurisdiction of the RM of Lumsden No. 189.  The total projected cost is $1,485,159.  The project will be funded as follows:

$334,230              Grant – Rural Integrated Roads for Growth (Provincial)

$275,350              Grant – Building Canada Fund (Provincial and Federal)

$875,579              Reserves – The RM of Lumsden has been setting monies aside for several years.

Construction has begun, beginning on the southerly end of Pense Grid and proceeding north.  It is expected to take 60 calendar days and Denny Forbes Construction Inc. plan to be finished by June 30.  The contractor’s work schedule is 16 on and then 5 days off.

Be assured that large agricultural equipment will have access to the Pense Grid during the project; however, please expect typical construction delays.  The road will be closed, in its entirety, for one day when a large culvert is replaced near ‘Trestle Road’; a detour will be available.

Please continue to monitor the Announcements on our website for more information.