Residential Building Projects - PBI Requirements

Building Permit

Difference Between a Development Permit and a Building Permit

  • Development permit approval DOES NOT mean building permit approval.  
  • Development permits are approved by municipal Council, as per their zoning bylaws.  
  • Building permits are approved after a plan review has been completed by a Building Official to ensure designs meet National Building Code requirements.  
  • Plan review cannot be completed if all required information is not submitted to PBI for review.  
  • Applicant MUST NOT commence construction until a valid building permit is issued by the municipal office. 
  • Provide and thoroughly complete the documents relevant to your building project, as noted on the Residential - Plan Review Checklist, to prevent delays in building permit issuance.
  • Contact PBI at (306) 536-1799 or [email protected] if you have any questions.


Residential - Plan Review Checklist

Attached checklist gives an overview of what is required for a plan review for most common residential building projects.

Contact PBI for requirements for unique projects or for projects not included in the checklist.

Important: Ask the municipal office if they require a geotechnical report, as per their zoning bylaws. 

If so, ensure that the Structural Engineer designing your foundation receives a copy of that report and references it in the foundation designs.

NOTE:  Owner must complete and sign the E-mail Consent Form at the bottom of the Checklist

Owner(s) should always include their email address since they are ultimately responsible for compliance.

Form is pdf-fillable but must be signed.  Print legibly, if handwritten.

Site Plan

Detailed Site Plan is vital information for a plan review. There will be delays if you do not provide the following:

  • Show the size and correct placement of the proposed building on the lot.
  • Show distance to the property line on all sides of the proposed building project.
  • Indicate what borders each property line (i.e. neighbour, street, lane, park, easement, etc.)
  • Note the size and location of all windows and doors on each side of the proposed building.
  • Indicate the distance to other buildings on the same property and note the size and current use of each existing building.

PBI Specification Sheets

Download and thoroughly complete the PBI Specification sheet for the applicable building project.

Be sure to include all information requested in the specification sheet(s).

Renovations must be described in detail to determine if energy code compliance will apply.

Residential - Permit Information Form

Applicant can complete the bottom half of the attached form and then email it to the municipal office with all documents required for a plan review.

DO NOT send this form directly to PBI.  The top portion must be completed by a municipal official.

Energy Code Compliance Forms

Effective January 1, 2019

All new heated buildings, additions and major renovations in Saskatchewan must be built energy efficient.

Designs for the building project must show compliance with the National Energy Codes.  Required form(s) and accompanying calculations must be submitted for the plan review. Failure to provide this information (completed by a competent person) will result in a delay in building permit issuance.

Energy Code Forms

Click on the button below  for full details about compliance options and links to the required forms. 

Link to Forms

Residential Mechanical Ventilation Design Summary

Design Summary Must Be Submitted Before Occupancy

Form must be submitted before occupying a dwelling.

  • For a dwelling with 5 bedrooms or less, compliance with NBC 2015 - Section 9.32. is acceptable.
  • For a dwelling with more than 5 bedrooms or for multi-unit  residential buildings, compliance with NBC Part 6 is required. Use a form in conformance with CSA F326.

Mechanical Ventilation Design Forms

Click on the button below for a link to design summaries acceptable to  PBI. Note that other NBC 2015 compliant forms will also be accepted. 

Link to Forms

Required On-Site Inspections

After the plan review is completed and the building permit is issued by the municipal office, the owner or owner's agent (i.e. contractor) must call PBI for

all required inspections as identified in the Plan Review report.  Failure to do so may result  in enforcement action at additional fees to the owner.