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SasKoffee Roastery

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SasKoffee Roastery

We’ve all been there; you’ve got the whole gang sitting down to watch the Labour Day Classic, snacks and drinks served. You dive into the chips and dip and…. they’re STALE! Isn’t that the worst?! Well, what you don’t even realize is that same thing is happening with your coffee! Did you know that coffee starts to lose freshness within 14 days of being roasted? That’s why we started SasKoffee Roastery! We are determined to deliver coffee to our customers as soon after it’s roast date as possible ensuring that you get to enjoy great tasting, high quality, fresh coffee. After years of drinking the same old bland coffee, we set out to find a way to “spice it up”. Stumbling upon a home roaster and a couple pounds of green coffee, we quickly realized that fresh coffee is what us and many others are missing out on. After cupping many different coffees from different origins, experimenting with different blends and roast levels, we came up with our signature coffees that are now available.

We are a young family taking life one cup of coffee at a time.


Travis, Alex & Atleigh

PO Box 1026 Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0