Development & Building Permits

Development permits and building permits are distinctly different. Development permits relate to community planning via local Zoning Bylaws and are regulated by the Planning and Development Act2007,  whereas Building Permits relate to construction via local Building Bylaws and are regulated by the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards (UBAS) Act, including The National Building Code.

For further information regarding permitted, discretionary and prohibited uses, please refer to the RM of Lumsden’s Zoning Bylaw. Zoning for all parcels of land in the municipality can be found on the “Zoning District Map” within the Zoning Bylaw. Regulations for each district will be found in the corresponding sections.  The Zoning Bylaw can be found here.

For more information about development, building or subdivision, please contact Luke at [email protected] To make an appointment with Luke, please call (306) 731-2404 x8308.

Forms Required for All Applications:

Development Permit Application (Fillable)

To apply for a new use of a property, subdivision, or to build a new structure (larger than 100ft2) first complete and submit a Development Application, site plan and the associated fee to the Municipal Office. Once approved, structural plans can be submitted and reviewed and a Building Permit can be issued.

Please ensure ALL required documents are submitted to avoid delays. Incomplete applications may not be accepted. Development Applications may take up to 5 business days to process, Building Permits may take up to 10 Business Days to process. Construction cannot commence prior to obtaining a permit.

The Development Application fee for Permitted Uses is $50.00, Discretionary Uses is $100.00.

Building Permit Forms:

Professional Building Inspections, Inc. (PBI) have been contracted by the municipality to perform building inspections. Development and building permit applications and payments should be submitted to the municipal office, not directly to PBI.

Commercial Applications:
Please read the attached information and complete the required pages. Paper copies can be returned to the municipal office, or electronic copies can be emailed to [email protected] .

Commercial Building Permit Forms

Residential Applications:

Please read the attached information and complete the required pages. Paper copies can be returned to the municipal office, or electronic copies can be emailed to [email protected] .

Residential Building Permit Forms

Energy Codes Compliance Forms


Additional information may be required, for any of the following projects, please complete and submit the required pages:

Building permit fees differ for each project and usually depend on the size of the project and number of inspections it may require. For the latest list of fees, please refer to bylaw #17-2014.

Property Access Approach Applications:
1 – Property Access Approach Application
2 – Property Access Approach Application Fillable

Property Approach Application fee is $50.00

Subdivision Applications:
1 – Simplified Overview of the Subdivision Process


Subdivision application fee is $250.00 for single parcel Subdivisions and $500.00 for multiple parcels. If rezoning is required prior to subdivision, rezoning fees will apply, including a planning fee deposit.

In 2016 Council contracted Associated Engineering to do a development charge study for the municipality to determine what the appropriate charges for development should be to ensure that the municipality is collecting fees adequate for future capital costs that directly or indirectly benefit development.  The study has been accepted by council and will now apply to future subdivisions in the municipality.


Fees are now calculated on a per hectare basis.  For the purpose of fee calculations based on projects and benefitting areas, the municipality was divided into 2 development areas, a West Sector and an East Sector.  Please see the Capital Projects Sector Map and summary of Development Charge Cost Calculations below:

Development Charge Calculation

Capital Projects Map 

Proposed subdivisions are still analyzed on a case by case basis and fees may be higher or lower depending on the location and direct capital costs that are required to accommodate the subdivision.  To view the full Development Charge Study and see a detailed list of projects please click on the link below:

Development Charge Background


Important Information from SaskPower:

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