The RM of Lumsden offers many options for paying taxes or other invoices, such as:

  1. Banking Online: Set up the RM of Lumsden  No. 189 as a “payee”. Be sure to search “Lumsden” and choose the RM of Lumsden No. 189 (see full list below). Enter your roll number. If you are making a one-time payment such as “Development and Building Permit”, use account number “4444 4444 4444”.
  2. OptionPay: A secure way to pay using your credit card. Click HERE to be taken to the OptionPay page.  Fees Rates for OptionPay – Click Here
  3. Pay at the Bank: Bring your tax notice with you and pay at your financial institution.
  4. Interac/Debit: Available by attending the municipal office during business hours.
  5. Drop a cheque in the mail slot: Located 300 James St N. beside our main office doors is a secure mail-drop slot.
  6. Mail your payment: You may also mail your payment to PO Box 160, Lumsden SK  S0G 3C0.
  7. Pre-Authorized Debit: The RM can withdraw funds from your account for tax payments. For more information or to sign up, call (306) 731-2404 and click here: Fillable RM of Lumsden Pre-Authorization Agreement

Etransfer not available at this time.

Where do I find my Tax Roll Number?



Financial Institution Payee Name # of Digits required for Account Number
CIBC Lumsden No. 189 (R.M.) Tax 12
TD Canada Trust RM of Lumsden No 189 Tax 12
Scotiabank Lumsden #189 (R.M.) Taxes
Central 1 (Credit Union) Lumsden 189, RM
Bank of Montreal (BMO) Lumsden No 189 RM of Tax
RBC Telpay Lumsden No 189, RM of 12
RBC Bill Payment Lumsden (Rural Mun) No. 189 – Taxes 12
Conexus Credit Union Lumsden No 189, RM Of 12

Account number too short? Add zero’s to the end of your account number until you reach the required amount of digits.