2019 Property Tax Rates:

Agriculture          9.6 RM Mill Rate       1.43 School Mill Rate

Residential          9.6 RM Mill Rate      4.12 School Mill Rate

Commercial        8.1 RM Mill Rate       6.27 School Mill Rate


Govt Relations – Understanding Assessment Appeals

SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency)

The provincial government mandates SAMA to conduct periodic revaluations of all Saskatchewan properties every four years to coincide with the change to a new base date. The current revaluation was completed in 2017 using the 2015 base year. The next revaluation is to be done in 2021.  When a revaluation is completed, SAMA provides new values to each of our clients.  Provincial legislation requires municipalities to use these values when determining taxes.

Since the 2009 Revaluation, the province of Saskatchewan has experienced unprecedented economic growth, and the value of property in the province is no exception. The result of this active and strong real estate market will be significant increases to property assessments that will be reported in the 2017 Revaluation.  SAMA is updating assessments in 2017 to capture the change in value caused by growth in the province, so that property assessments are transparent, understandable and accurate for our clients: taxpayers, local governments and the provincial government.  The 2017 revaluation will seek to stabilize the assessment system from a governance perspective by not introducing any major changes to assessment policy. A stable system does not mean values will not change. Instead, values are more supportable and understandable.

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RM of Lumsden Appeal Form

Assessment Values are based on 2015 market values and the taxable assessment is 80% of that value for Residential, 55% for Agricultural, 45% for Non-Arable (grazing) and 100% for Commercially assessed properties. R.M. Council sets the Municipal Mill Rate (9.00 in 2017) and the Province of Saskatchewan has set the education property tax mill rates as follows:

  • for all agricultural property, 1.43 mills
  • for all residential property, 4.12 mills
  • for all commercial /industrial property, 6.27 mills
  • for all resource (oil and gas, mines and pipelines) property, 9.68 mills

Taxes levied for any year are deemed to be due on and from January 1st of that year. Where taxes and penalties remain unpaid after December 31st in the year in which they are levied, a penalty of 1.42% per month shall be added. Discounts are given for current taxes paid as per the following schedule:

If paid on or before July 31st – 6% Discount
If paid on or before August 31st – 6% Discount
If paid on or before Sept. 30th – 5% Discount
If paid on or before Oct. 30th – 4% Discount
If paid on or before Nov. 30th – 2% Discount