Beaver Control Program

The R.M. of Lumsden No. 189 (RM) participates in the Beaver Control Program (BCP) administered by the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM).

The Bounty funding received through SARM is $15.00/tail and is matched by the RM for a total bounty of $30.00/beaver tail.  Designated individuals must reside in the RM and provide land locations where the beaver is caught and it must be within the boundaries of the RM to be eligible for payment.  Designated individuals must obtain land owner permission to hunt or trap on private property.

If you wish to be designated as a Bounty Hunter, please complete the form below and submit to the Municipal Office via email [email protected] or by mail to
RM of Lumsden No. 189, PO Box 160, Lumsden, SK  S0G 3C0

RM-Beaver Control Program-Bounty Hunter Application – Fillable

Trapper Verification Form-2022-23 – Fillable