Grass Cutting & Hay Salvage

The municipality owns a 2008 New Holland Bi-Directional Tractor and a 16 foot Schulte mower for mowing ditches in the municipality. Council proposes to mow all municipal local access roads one round annually and all grid roads, to have complete right of way, mowed by fall.

Haying Application Waiver

Haying in Municipal Right of Way Policy

Ditch mowing by the Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure’s contractors will take place between June 7th and July 15th. Four metre wide strips along the shoulders of heavily travelled highways will be cut. From July 15th until complete, MOH contractors will mow the entire right-of way. Hay salvage is permitted in the right-of-ways. For more information, contact the Regina office at (306) 787-4911.

Ditch Mowing and Hay Salvage – 2021