Road Construction

The Divisional Councillor and the Manager of Public Works are responsible for administration of the designated road construction program and the supervision of same. If you have questions about road construction in your area, contact your Divisional Councillor for more information.

New Road Rehabilitation Program – 2018

Read more about the program here: Road Rebuilding Program

Policy – Purchase of Right of Way Land:

The municipality’s policy for the purchase of right-of-way land for the purpose of road construction is that the municipality will pay 10 times the assessed value of land.

Policy – Removal and Replacement of Private Fence:

The municipality’s policy for the removal and replacement of fencing for the purpose of road construction is as follows:

Two Wire Fence: $800.00 per ½ mile
Three Wire Fence: $900.00 per ½ mile
Four Wire Fence: $1000.00 per ½ mile

If the fence is not replaced, one-third of the above the rate would apply.

Note: The ratepayer will be responsible for purchasing all materials. Fence must be replaced within one year of the date the road construction is completed, or the last two-thirds of the payment will not be paid.