Road Maintenance

All road maintenance work is coordinated through the Public Works Committee. The municipality has 53 miles of grid road; 214 miles of gravel road; 53 miles of dirt road and 17 miles of pavement, that’s over 300 miles of road to maintain!

Grading: The municipality owns 3 graders. Grading of roads is performed on a regular rotation basis with high traffic roads grid roads receiving first priority. Council’s intention is to cover the municipality approximately every 10 days. However, during wet and dry spells the frequency of grading may be altered. Grader work is coordinated by the Manager of Public works.  If you have a concern or question about grading, you may contact the Manager of Public Works.

Gravelling: Each Divisional Councillor sets gravelling priorities in his/her division and must have this part of his public works program approved by Council prior to striking the municipal budget each year.

Mowing Ditches: The municipality owns a 2008 New Holland Bi-Directional Tractor and a 16 foot Schulte mower for mowing ditches in the municipality. Council proposes to mow all municipal local access roads one round annually and all grid roads, to have complete right of way, mowed by fall.