Snow Removal

The Public Works Department will undertake the removal of snow, in conjunction with authorized snow plow clubs in the following priority:

1. Major Grid roads with high traffic volume
2. School bus routes
3. Farm access and residential roads

Please Note: The municipality does not provide snow removal on private property. Snow removal or any type of work on the municipal roads must be approved by council prior to commencing work.


Authorized Municipal Snow Plow Clubs:

One or more persons may apply by completing a Municipal Snow Plow Club Application. Insurance requires the application include a list of members, operators and road maps detailing roads for snow removal.

Applications must be submitted annually by November 30 of each year.

Snow Plow Club Agreement – Application Form

Each year a base municipal grant of $30 per mile will be paid to the authorized Snow Plow Club. Council may increase this grant when excessive and/or prolonged snow conditions occur.

Each authorized Snow Plow Club is responsible for determining and collecting individual membership fees. Individual members are required to pay their fees promptly to ensure their snow removal needs are met.