This list is not a complete list of policies adopted by the Town of Lumsden, but rather a collection of policies most requested and of interest.  Please contact the municipal office if you have any questions.

Policy Name Date Adopted by Council Description
A Asset Management Policy   June 9, 2020 Asset Management Policy
 B  Boulevard Policy  April 12, 2022  Boulevard Lease Agreement Policy
 C Cemetery Policy  November 10, 2015 A policy for the systematic sale of plots in the new section of the cemetery.
D Disconnection of Water Service & Adding to Tax Roll June 9, 2020 Disconnection of Water Service & Adding to Tax Roll
E Electronic Devices for Council Members September 7, 2021 Electronic Device Policy for Council Members
I Interest – Overdue Accounts March 17, 2020 Interest – Overdue Accounts
L Late Payment Policy January 12, 2012 A policy to address late payments on taxes or utility bills.
M Memoriam Donation Policy September 21, 2021 Memoriam Donation Policy
P, Q Potash Asset Fund Policy September 22, 2015 A policy to allow for the accumulation of these funds to finance  capital improvements & future replacement costs for the James Street North Bridge.
R Raw Water Service Connections Policy June 25, 2013 A policy to prevent future raw water connections.
S Sewer Blockage Rebate August 10, 2021 A policy to provide a rebate for sewage blockage.
Sign Corridor Policy September 8, 2015 A policy to provide for a medium to promote goods and services of local businesses.
Snow Removal Policy June 9, 2015 A policy to provide a snow removal phase list,  sanding, loading/hauling snow and property owner responsibilities.
T Tax Enforcement Policy and Tax Arrears Payment Plan Policy March 28, 2017 To establish a method of tax enforcement as well as provide methods of tax payment to the ratepayer.
Tax- Courtesy Communication for Outstanding Property Taxes March 17, 2020 Tax- Courtesy Communication for Outstanding Property Taxes
U, V Urban Forestry Policy January 27, 2015 Establishing the criteria for pruning, removing, replacing and planting trees on public property and trees shared with private property owners, as well as protecting established trees of historic value and ensuring public safety.
W Water Service Line Repair June 9, 2020 Water Service Line Repair
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