Bylaw Enforcement

The purpose of Bylaw Enforcement is to investigate and respond to reports regarding bylaw violations in the Town.

If you have any questions you may refer to the Bylaws posted on the Towns website, or call the Town of Lumsden at (306) 731-2404.

Making a Complaint

Bylaw complaints may be made in writing to the Town of Lumsden. The complaint will be followed up by one the Town’s appointed Bylaw Enforcement Officers; Rocky Coleman or Krystal Strong.

When making a complaint, please include the following:

  • Address/location of complaint
  • Date/times when violation occurred
  • Detailed description of violation (if a vehicle is involved: make, model, colour, license plate)
  • Your name, address, and phone number

If you wish to file a complaint, you may file it with the municipal Office in writing to:

Town of Lumsden                          OR          [email protected]

Box 160

Lumsden, SK S0G 3C0


Complaint Process

When a complaint is received by the Town, an investigation will begin to determine if a violation exists and who is responsible.  If there is a violation, the person(s) responsible will be contacted and asked to voluntarily comply to the bylaw.  Voluntary compliance is the most common outcome to bylaw violations. The Town will try to achieve voluntary compliance with each complaint, however, where additional action is required, the appropriate enforcement will be taken.

If voluntary compliance is not achieved, an Order to Remedy letter may be issued to the person(s) responsible, giving a specific number of days to remedy the situation . This process allows the person(s) responsible to appeal the order within a specified period of time (If an appeal is made, Council may decide to confirm, modify or repeal the Order).  If there is no appeal made, the person(s) responsible will be allowed a specific number of days to remedy the situation and the Town will follow up to ensure the violation has been remedied. If the situation has been remedied, the file will be closed.

If the situation remains, legal action may be initiated by the Town, they may include prosecution (summoning the defendant to court to deal with the situation) or cleaning up a property, cost recovery methods are also initiated.

Not all matters are regulated by bylaws, some may be regulated by Provincial or Federal acts and enforced by other authorities or in civil matters, not regulated at all.



What is a “Parking Infraction Notice”?

A P.I.N. is a document that tells you what offence you have been charged with and the details of the offence. It gives you options for a reduced fine if you pay the ticket within 15 days.

Where do I pay the ticket?

You may pay in person at the Municipal Office located at 300 James Street North in Lumsden, or you may mail a cheque payable to “The Town of Lumsden” to Box 160, Lumsden SK, S0G 3C0.

What is a Summons?

A summons is a document that requires a person to appear in court on a specific date. They can be served in person or served through ordinary mail.

What happens if I’m summoned to court but I don’t go?

A default conviction can be registered when a person does not respond in any way to a summons. The  person convicted is then required to pay the fine set by the court within 30 days of the conviction, and will be notified as such by mail.

What is a default conviction?

A Justice of the Peace is authorized to enter a default conviction against a person, without a hearing, should that person fail to appear in court or fail to comply with court.

If a person has been convicted by default, they may be able to apply for a re-opening of their case within 30 days of becoming aware of the conviction.