Town News

Trees in the Town of Lumsden

The Town of Lumsden adopted the “Urban Forestry Policy” to establish criteria for pruning, removing, replacing and planting trees on public property and trees shared with private property owners, as well as protecting established trees of historic value and ensuring Read on! →

Are You Protected Against Scams & Fraud

The Town of Lumsden does not have any concerns specific to scams or fraud in Lumsden, so this information is strictly for information purposes to increase awareness. Below is the first Canadian Edition of The Little Black Book of Scams, detailing a Read on! →

911 is for Emergencies only

911 is for emergency use/situations only. If you need to contact any RCMP Detachment in Saskatchewan after hours and your situation is not an emergency, you can call 310-5000. This is a non-emergency number. Other RCMP numbers in the Lumsden Read on! →

New App – Saskatchewan Emergency Alert

There is a new app available called “Saskatchewan Emergency Alert”, developed by the Government of Saskatchewan. The app connects to the SaskAlert system. Download it today (Apple or Android) for the most up to date information in the case of Read on! →

Fire Prevention Bylaw

Council is currently updating their Fire Prevention Bylaw No. 1963-26. The bylaw in place requires anyone wishing to burn straw, weeds, grass, or the like to obtain a permit from the Fire Chief.  No bonfire shall be within 75 feet Read on! →

ATV’s in Town

Friendly reminder: Bylaw 7-2010 prohibits the use of ATVs in Lumsden including the Dyke – fines can result Bylaw 7-2010 can be viewed in it’s entirety here –> Bylaw 7-2010 – The All Terrain Vehicle Bylaw