Solar Projects


The Town’s Recycling Centre uses electricity to power the recycle compactor, lights, heat and other small electronics used in the building. The annual power consumption at this location is 37450 kWh/y (2018). In 2020, 25.4 kW Solar panels were installed. It is estimated that the new panels will receive 1499 hours of sunshine per year resulting in 38075 kWh/y of energy produced. This will reduce the annual CO2 emissions by 15 tonnes per year!

The system is grid tied and net zero!


Solar Project 2020

2020 News Releases:

CBC – lumsden-sask-gets-1m-from-ottawa-for-solar-power-project

620 ckrm – lumsden-to-install-solar-panels-on-four-municipal-facilities

CTV News Regina – Lumsden-to-install-solar-panel-array-the-size-of-2-football-fields

iheartradio – lumsden-to-install-solar-panel-array-the-size-of-2-football-fields



The RiverPark building was equipped with the first solar panels installed in the Town of Lumsden in 2017. To view the energy generated by this system and other system details, click HERE

Click here to view: Press Release – RiverPark Solar Aug 2017