Wastewater Treatment Facility Project

Grand Opening of the Wastewater Treatment Facility

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Wastewater Treatment Facilities Project May 2021 Update

Lumsden’s new Wastewater Treatment system is a fantastic step forward. Sewage treatment capacity in Lumsden is being increased while at the same time addressing environmental impact, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.


Lift Station

Sewage from throughout Lumsden is pumped from this new lift station on 2nd Avenue, east to the Wastewater Treatment Facility


Headworks Building

The sewage first arrives at the headworks building which houses a grit removal system.



The new plant treats the sewage. The sequencing batch reactors reduce biochemical oxygen demand, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds in the liquid effluent. Soon, the UV disinfection system will be operating and the liquids will be removed from the plant. The treatment of the solid stream will also be started up soon.



The solar array to the north will provide a large portion of the electricity required to run the new facility. The panels are in place. Cables are being laid and the battery equipment is expected to arrive before summer.



The biofilter cleans the air from the headworks building and plant so that no odours or undesirable gases are released.


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May 22, 2020
Lift Station

The big hole on 2nd Avenue gives access to remove old sewage infrastructure and replace it with new.

Contractors are accessing the old infrastructure under 2nd Avenue.  New piping will go in the ground and a new Lift Station will be constructed.

Outfall Structure

Rip rap of large boulders and matting protect the bank of the Qu’Appelle River.


Wastewater Treatment Building

Brickwork continues on the outside of the Wastewater Treatment Building.

Headworks Building

Brick work is finished on the outside of the Headworks Building and the scaffolding has been taken down.

June 2019:

Celebration of Construction at New Wastewater Facility:  Press Release June 18 2019


March 2019:

The Town of Lumsden has signed the contract with Graham Construction to build the Wastewater Treatment Facility in Lumsden.


FALL 2018:

The Town of Lumsden has broken ground on a new Wastewater Treatment Facility, to replace the existing lagoons. The road and facility site have been leveled and are ready for work to commence in the spring!


Proposed Wastewater Treatment Facility 

Lumsden WWTP Background September 2017

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Wastewater Treatment Facility Conceptual Design Report – July 2011


Wastewater Treatment Facility Preliminary Design  – December 2011

Wastewater Treatment Facility Preliminary Design  – December 2011
Preliminary Design Appendix A – Flow Data
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Conceptual Design Study for Short Term Wastewater Management-July 2011

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